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Gardner Denver CycloBlower

The Gardner Denver CycloBlower® is an energy efficient, helical screw, premium positive displacement blower and industrial vacuum pump. The design utilizes a helical screw rotor to generate a balanced compression cycle which provides a smooth and steady discharge at a lower horsepower cost. The CycloBlower® is available with mechanical seals and purge connections for gas applications.

The CycloBlower® is the most energy efficient PD blower available. You will experience higher pressure and higher industrial vacuum pump performance capabilities while still relying on proven performance and dependable quality from Gardner Denver. With improved performance also comes reduced pulsation and noise levels.

For oil-free air or gas delivery, the CycloBlower® offers efficient, shock-free compression. This blower and industrial vacuum system is engineered for greater performance in continuous applications and offers a long service life.  You will be pleased to know that the GD CycloBlower® has been tested to meet strict performance requirements and is backed by professional service.

The CycloBlower® Industrial Series Delivers:

  • Pressure to 20 PSIG
  • Dry Vacuum to 17” Hg
  • Wet Vacuum to 24” Hg
  • Air Flow to 6700 CFM

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