The HeliFlow® is an innovative helical tri-lobe positive displacement blower and industrial vacuum pump from Gardner Denver. Design features of this blower include a triangular tuned port, greater overhung load capability, an advanced piston ring oil and air seals, and reduced pulsation and noise.

Pinnacle Industries offers the GD HeliFlow® positive displacement blower and industrial vacuum pump backed by more than 145 years of quality manufacturing and innovation.

Get rid of unbalanced rotors with the solid, helical tri-lobe rotors.  You will notice improved blower life and easier maintenance. Spherical roller bearings will also improve your blower and industrial vacuum system misalignment and help with longevity.

The HeliFlow® positive displacement blowers and industrial vacuum system product line delivers pressure to 15 PSIG, dry vacuum to 16” Hg, air flow to 3200 CFM and a 24 or 30 month warranty.

 For additional information, download the HeliFlow® Brochure.

Gardner Denver HeliFlow - Pinnacle Industries Houston, TX

The HeliFlow® Product Line Delivers:

  • Pressure to 15 PSIG
  • Dry Vacuum to 16” Hg
  • Air Flow to 3200 CFM
  • 24/30 Month Warranty

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