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Sonic Air Systems - Pinnacle Industries Ltd. Houston, TXOfficial Sonic Air Systems’ Partner

Pinnacle Industries is your source for engineered blower and air knife solutions from Sonic Air Systems. Sonic products include blowers, air knives, enclosures, HEPA filters and accessories manufactured for a broad range of applications.

These Sonic solutions aid industries including automotive, beverage, civil engineering, construction, defense, food, medical, metal finishing, metals forming & fabrication, tech, petro-chemical, pharmaceuticals, textile, tire & rubber, wire & cable, and other custom solutions. They are used in drying & liquid blow-off, cooling, coating control, static control, and other air & gas handling situations. Click here for Sonic Air Systems specifications.

Pinnacle has partnered with Sonic Air Systems to offer custom engineering capabilities for your blower, exhauster, pressurized air, vacuum, and all gas handling needs.

General Brochure

Tank Dryer

Centrifugal Blowers

Sonic centrifugal blowers feature an automatic belt tensioning system and are compatible with both NEMA & IEC motors. Find the right fit for your unique application with blower enclosures that reduce noise and protect drive & belts, HEPA or ULPA filters, durable aluminum or stainless steel Sonic XE Air Knives with multiple inlet configuration options, and air wipes for a 360 degree blow off. Click here for additional centrifugal blower specifications.


If you require a powerful and compact drying system for tanks, totes, IBCs, blenders or piping, the Sonic Air Systems DRY-IN-PLACETM System will ensure a clean, dry clean-in-place environment. The energy-efficient D-I-PTM solution is a patented heaterless hot air technology to deliver clean air for drying. Your D-I-PTM system is built to set the timer and save your valuable time for other parts of the process. Improve your drying time today. Click here for DRY-IN-PLACETM System specifications.


Mobile D-I-PTM Blower

The Sonic Air Systems Mobile D-I-PTM System provides immediate on-demand air for your application. Pair quick power and air connect with any of the standard or optional accessories for a versatile blower system. Used in bottling & can drying, tank & pipe drying, barrel & keg drying, air rinsing of bottles & cans, and product conveying, the Sonic Mobile D-I-PTM uses 75 percent lower energy than compressed air. You’ll be able to dry a surface at 5 feet away and avoid towels, compressed air, and augers altogether with a dedicated dryer for each process. Click here for Mobile D-I-PTM Blower specifications.

Pinnacle Industries can provide the right Sonic Air Systems solution for your application. We will support you through system upgrades, improvements, and integration. Contact our sales department at (713) 740-4300 today.