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Elmo Rietschle Custom Engineered Vacuum Packages & Central Systems

Pinnacle Industries is proud to offer you custom engineered vacuum packages and central systems from Elmo Rietschle. Years of experience and knowledge make Elmo Rietschle a reputable source for engineered solutions.

Applications for Elmo Rietschle chemical systems include biogas and biodiesel production, degassing, distillation, evaporation, extruder venting, solvent recovery and vacuum stripping. Uses for your vacuum package or central system will include general industry, hospital vacuum, laboratory vacuum, pneumatic conveying, pick and place industries, paper converting and packaging purposes.

Your business will experience lower operating costs and higher efficiency when you opt for an Elmo Rietschle radial blower, side channel blower, liquid ring compressor, rotary lobe compressor, claw compressor, rotary screw vacuum or vacuum package or central system. With the vacuum package, your system capabilities are endless.

Elmo Rietschle designs its systems around the customer’s needs. You’ll obtain the configuration you need from the very beginning, so let Pinnacle Industries match you with a solution for success.

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