Reliable, Innovative Positive Displacement Blowers & Industrial Vacuum Pumps

Gardner Denver HeliFlow

The HeliFlow® is an innovative helical tri-lobe positive displacement blower and industrial vacuum pump from Gardner Denver. Design features of this blower include a triangular tuned port, greater overhung load capability, an advanced piston ring oil and air seals, and reduced pulsation and noise.

Pinnacle Industries offers the Gardner Denver HeliFlow® positive displacement blower and industrial vacuum pump backed by more than 145 years of quality manufacturing and innovation.

Get rid of unbalanced rotors with the solid, helical tri-lobe rotors. You will notice improved blower life and easier maintenance. Spherical roller bearings will also improve your blower and industrial vacuum system misalignment and help with longevity.

Introduced as drop in replacements for the Roots RAM product line, HeliFlow® offers superiority in design, including increased pressure capability, more resistance to overhung loads, increased bearing life, and more.

Heliflow Advantage

The HeliFlow® positive displacement blowers and industrial vacuum system product line delivers pressure to 15 PSIG, dry vacuum to 16” Hg, air flow to 3200 CFM and a 24 or 30 month warranty.

Our full line of dependable HeliFlow® products includes

  • HeliFlow 406
  • HeliFlow 408 *
  • HeliFlow 412
  • HeliFlow 514
  • HeliFlow 616
  • HeliFlow 624
  • HeliFlow 817
  • HeliFlow 825

*Bolded products are our most popular, time-tested models.

The HeliFlow® Product Line Delivers

  • Pressure to 15 PSIG
  • Dry Vacuum to 16” Hg
  • Air Flow to 3200 CFM
  • 24/30 Month Warranty

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