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Pinnacle Industries is an official distributor of Gardner Denver filters, separators, and condensate management tools.  Our filters provide premium quality filtration for your compressed air system. We offer oil/water separators as well as pneumatic/mechanical, electric timed, and electronic demand drains for your condensate management needs.



Air Receivers

Air Receivers

Air receivers are essential to every compressed air system. They act as a buffer and provide storage for short periods of high demand. Receivers reduce compressor cycling and improve system performance.

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FIL Series Filters

FIL Series Filters

Provide premium quality filtration for typical contaminant types:

  • Solid particles: cause pneumatic equipment to malfunction, failure of instruments and controls, and end products are contaminated.
  • Condensed water droplets: oxidize pipework and pneumatic equipment, ruin paint finishes and end products.
  • Liquid oil and oil vapors: introduced by compressor lubricants and by hydrocarbon vapors present in ambient air.
    • 20 – 21250 SCFM
    • Working Pressures to 300 PSIG
    • Inlet Temperatures to 150°F
    • Seven filtration grades
    • ISO 8573.1

FME Series Mist Eliminator Filters

FME Series Mist Eliminator Filters

Reduce energy costs and remove oil and water aerosols from compressed air systems. They provide protection from contamination for products and processes, pneumatic equipment life is increased, paint appearance and adhesion problems are virtually eliminated, pneumatic instruments are kept operating, and the low pressure drop saves energy.

  • 125 – 3000 SCFM
  • Working Pressures to 150 PSIG
  • Operating Temperatures to 150°F
  • Long life mist eliminator element
  • Optional Automatic Condensate Drain

CTS Eliminator II

CTS Eliminator II

With the unique pre-absorption filter and 40% longer service life than most competitive units, the CTS Eliminator II separates oil contamination from condensate before being expelled. Condensate becomes contaminated by oil and must be treated before expelling it into a sewer system or onto the ground. Oil must be separated from condensate and only the condensate can be expelled. The oil must be reclaimed and disposed of in an environmentally safe manner. Untreated condensate can have detrimental effects on the environment and is illegal to dump into sewer systems or onto the ground.  Designed and rated for real life summertime conditions, the CTS Eliminator II is a reliable, effective way of treating lubricant contaminated compressor condensate.

  • Ambient Temperatures to 120°F
  • Inlet Temperatures to 120°F
  • 90% RH
  • Optional Level Minder Oil container Alarm System
  • Optional Heater
  • Optional Remote Flow Indicator

Eliminator Troubleshooter

The Eliminator Troubleshooter was designed to effectively separate emulsified compressor condensate to levels of 15 PPM or less without premature element failure and backup spillages. The unique delivery system and the increased media’s ability to absorb up to four times the amount of oil that standard activated carbon can hold sets this eliminator apart from the competition. The Troubleshooter is the most economical and efficient way to separate emulsified, slowly demulsible, or high volume condensate loads. Determine the highest cfm flow possible with the application, then make your selection of the appropriate unit size.

  • 125 – 1125 Delivery System CFM
  • Non-clogging filter design
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Extended filter life
  • Fully automatic
  • Effortless maintenance procedures

Liquid Separators

Liquid Separators are for compressed air systems where excessive free liquid and solid contamination is a problem by combining the techniques of centrifugal action and other mechanical separation principles (Impingement, Separation, Laminar Flow, and Stokes Law) to remove large quantities of liquid and solid contamination. Typical applications include water separation downstream of aftercoolers and intercoolers, on refrigerant dryers, and on the protection of refrigerant and desiccant dryers. Additional applications include water separation downstream of air receivers at strategic points in large scale pipework installation and other liquid/gas separation duties where the volume of water and solids pose a real problem.

  • Operating Temperatures to 150°F
  • Pressures to 300 PSIG
  • Less than 1 psig differential pressure
  • High flow rates
  • Equipped with quick disconnect bowls for ease of service
  • Three different models of automatic drains available

DS2 Evacuator

DS2 Evacuator

The EvacuatorTM is the most reliable demand drain solution for large condensate loads in a compressed air system. The EvacuatorTM is available in a 52oz. pneumatically operated version or a 27oz. or 77oz. electronically managed system version. The electronically managed system incorporates microprocessor based electronics for self-diagnostics, error correction and host computer communications capabilities.


Pneumatically operated mechanical condensate drains are designed to ensure that manufacturing processes and products do not become contaminated by ensuring that liquid oil and water condensates are discharged from the compressed air stream. This series features a no air-loss actuated design which operates on demand. The discharge port closes before any compressed air is lost. Air powered pistons are used for positive opening and closing of discharge port.

• Working Pressures to 175 PSIG
• Operating Temperatures to 120°F
• Economical drain for light to medium duty service
• No air loss level actuated design – operates on demand
• Discharge rates of .04 (20cc) per operation (0.3gal/hr – 1.2 liter/hr)
• Built-in stainless steel screen protects discharge port from clogging

• Working Pressures to 500 PSIG
• Operating Temperatures to 150°F
• Discharge rates of 3-24 gallons/hour
• Rugged drain for heavy duty service and heavily contaminated condensate
• Large discharge port prevents clogging

DS4 Motorized Ball Valve Drain

DS4 Motorized Ball Valve Drain

DS4 Motorized Ball Valve Drain is your choice when pipe scale, contaminants from deliquescent dryers or other large particles present in your condensate keep plugging or holding open your common drain valve. This valve is designed to handle all types of contaminants without clogging or sticking open. It consists of a ½” full-flow ball valve which will perform one full rotation in 7.5 seconds. Battery backup will provide continued operation in the event of a power failure which is something that is not available on most competitor units.

  • Operating Pressures to 600 PSIG
  • Fluid Temperatures to 190°F
  • Ambient Temperatures to 130°F
  • 10 programmable settings
  • Designed for heavy duty applications
  • High pressure capabilities

AED Series

AED Series Automatic Electric Condensate Drains are designed to ensure that manufacturing processes and products do not become contaminated by ensuring that liquid oil and water condensates are discharged from the compressed air stream. Drain installation is typically a part of a complete air treatment system.

  • Pressures up to 1500 psig
  • Resistant to large particles
  • Ensures timely and effective condensate removal during working hours
  • Utilize with aftercoolers, receiver tanks, refrigerated dryers

DS3 Series

DS3 Series Electronic Timed drains are ideal for small or large condensate loads. The DS3 Series consists of two products – the mini and the general. The Mini is ideal for smaller filters. The General is better suited for larger filters, refrigerated dryers, receiver tanks, and other general purpose applications. Both drain valves feature state of the art electronic timers and brass valve bodies, which come standard. The general model is available in corrosion free stainless steel and high pressure. The DS3 can also incorporate the optional Gardner Denver “4-Port” controller which automatically controls four independent solenoid drains due to the need to have electric timed drain valves operating at various intervals.

  • Up to 1200 PSIG
  • Fluid temperatures to 33-190°F
  • Ambient Temperatures to 33-130°F
  • Dual surge protectors in timer
  • UL, CSA, and CE certified

EDD Series

EDD Series

Electronic Demand Drain is a no air loss electronic demand drain. No air loss means no energy waste! With simple installation, this drain is sure to save you time, money and energy. The EDD Series drain is a rugged and cost-effective condensate drain for compressor stations with an intake volume up to 1300scfm. This EDD can be used for applications in aggressive atmospheres and for the discharge of condensates from special gas compression. In conjunction with a specially developed membrane and the angle-seat valve, the EDD Series has a capacitive level control without any moving parts that allow reliable discharge of condensate from vacuum and pneumatic systems at low operating pressures.

  • Operating Pressures to 232 PSIG
  • Ambient Temperatures to 140°F
  • Simple installation
  • Rugged and durable construction
  • Test button for checking device functions
  • Integrated alarm system – self-monitoring
  • No air loss


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