Reliable, High-Quality Blowers

Custom Built Blowers in Pasadena, TX

Pinnacle Industries can customize package blowers to meet your design. From an inexpensive fiberglass package for Waste Water Aeration to custom build skid units for the Pneumatic Conveying Industry and Gas Transfer blowers, Pinnacle can select the proper blower for reliability; design the packages to meet your specifications and custom build the package at our Pasadena, TX fabrication facility.

Customer Packages include reliable, high quality, properly selected sized equipment:

  • Blower Selection – Optimized Speed for reliability
  • Inlet Filters – Oversized to eliminate pressure drop
  • Silencers – Properly selected Chambered or Absorptive
  • Safety Relief Valve – Tested and Stamped
  • Drive Selection – Designed for minimum 1.4 service factor
  • Motor Selections – Designed to operate within motor name plate
  • Check valves, switches, gauges – Provide by High Quality Manufacturer

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