Industrial Centrifugal Blowers

Hoffman Lamson by Gardner Denver - Pinnacle Industries Houston, TXHoffman Lamson by Gardner Denver

Pinnacle is your distributor for Gardner Denver Hoffman Lamson multistage centrifugal blowers. They are recognized as the best blower and exhauster solutions for wastewater treatment systems. GD Hoffman Lamson centrifugal blowers serve an expanding possibility of applications including anywhere air is provided to water and wastewater aeration systems and air scouring or filter backwashing. You can also specify an industrial centrifugal blower for a wide variety of industrial processing uses or engineered vacuum systems.

GD Hoffman Lamson Centrifugal Blower - Pinnacle Industries Houston, TX
When you’re looking for high performance and dependability, you’ll be well-matched with GD Hoffman Lamson centrifugal blowers. Many models feature multiple patented Multiple Baffle Rings (MBRTM), precision aligned flexible coupling, a balance piston for increased bearing life, precision machined cast housing, individually balanced multistage shrouded impellers, and a standard labyrinth seal or carbon ring seal for special air and gas applications.

You have 22 models to choose from to best suit your industry. Each will deliver the performance you’ve come to expect from Gardner Denver centrifugal blowers. They may be direct driver, V-belt driven, or gearbox driven with an electric motor. Other options include steam turbines, diesel engines, gasoline engines, and liquid petroleum or methane gas engines.

Let Pinnacle’s factory trained service professionals handle your on-demand service. We’ll assist with system optimization, customization, training, troubleshooting, and much more. Call today to see how we can build your return on investment.

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