Gardner Denver Air Dryers

Pinnacle Industries is an authorized distributor of Gardner Denver regenerative desiccant air dryers. We offer customizable performance and can meet your needs with our blower purge, heated, and heatless desiccant dryers.

DPB Series – By eliminating or reducing compressed air utilized to regenerate desiccant beds, this durable and efficient blower purge desiccant dryer allows you to significantly reduce energy costs. Cuts compressor air in half. The large desiccant beds ensure consistent dew points. See the DPB brochure.

 Gardner Denver DPB Series - Pinnacle Industries Houston, TX

  • 500 – 4300 SCFM
  • Pressure Dewpoints to -40°F
  • Working Pressures to 150 PSIG
  • Inlet Temperatures to 120°F
  • Reliable and durable air flow control components
  • Optional Packaged Filtration

DHP Series – Provides you with ISO 8573.1 Class 2 dewpoints ensuring your dry air requirements are met. ISO 8573.1 Class 1 for solids and oils may also be achieved when you couple it the appropriate FIL filtration. This low-watt density heater saves energy and prevents premature desiccant aging. Soft-seated check valves are utilized for tight shutoff and durability. See the DHP Series Brochure.

Gardner Denver DHP Series - Pinnacle Industries Houston, TX

  • 300-3200 scfm
  • Operating Pressures to 150 psig
  • Inlet Temperatures 120°F
  • Nema 4 construction
  • Low-watt density heater saves energy and prevents premature desiccant aging
  • Optional EMS Controlled Free-Air Supercharger

DGH Series – With four standard ISO quality class levels of pressure dew points to choose from, these heatless dryers offer a magnitude of customizable performance opportunities. The carefully engineered desiccant dryer design provides a reliable method to remove moisture as a water vapor. Easily and reliably remove solid particles, liquid water droplets, liquid oil and oil vapors by adding the optional coalescing filters. See the DGH Series brochure.

Gardner Denver DGH Series - Pinnacle Industries Houston, TX

  • 40 – 5400 SCFM
  • Working Pressures up to 150 PSIG (higher pressures available)
  • Inlet Temperatures to 120°F
  • Customizable Dewpoints to -100°F
  • Large desiccant beds ensure consistent dew points
  • Three controller options