DuroFlow Blowers

The DuroFlow® is a bi-lobe positive displacement blower and industrial vacuum pump. The construction is enhanced with dual splash lubrication, piston ring seals, oversized bearings, helical timing gears and solid lobe rotor design. DuroFlow® blowers are the “blowers of choice” in pneumatic conveying applications where durability, reliability and efficiency is expected of industrial vacuum systems in the industry.

The DuroFlow® pressure blower & industrial vacuum system product line delivers pressure to 15 PSIG, dry vacuum to 16” Hg and air flow to 4282 CFM.

The innovative rotor and shaft design of the DuroFlow® pressure blower & industrial vacuum pump is machined from a single, high-strength ductile iron casting leaving it dynamically balanced for durability. A unique rotor profile also increases efficiency. You will notice quiet and smooth mechanical operation at all speeds.

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Gardner Denver DuroFlow Blowers - Pinnacle Industries Houston, TX

The DuroFlow® Product Line Delivers:

  • Pressure to 15 PSIG
  • Dry Vacuum to 16” Hg
  • Air Flow to 4282 CFM

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