Centrifugal Blower Rebuild

Hoffman and Lamson by Gardner DenverBlower Rebuilds 

Hoffman Lamson by Gardner Denver

Working on a centrifugal blower rebuild? Choose Gardner Denver Hoffman Lamson multistage centrifugal blowers for your aftermarket solutions. Pinnacle Industries Inc. will provide superior service and genuine Hoffman and Lamson parts for all your industrial needs. Our team will bring you expert customer service for all of your after-the-sale service and aftermarket needs.

When it comes to your centrifugal blower rebuild, we know you’re looking for cost effectiveness, the same warranty as new, all genuine factory certified parts, emergency solutions, and the same specifications as new that incorporate the latest in design upgrades. Remanufactured blowers and exhausters offer an excellent, cost-effective alternative to new machines, and they are ideal for short-term projects, spares, and even permanent installations.

Our GD Hoffman Lamson aftermarket products are genuine factory parts that include new blowers, components, factory certification, reconditioned components, and control components, or choose factory reconditioned blowers. You’ll also benefit from blower lubricants, blower accessories, blower controls, and buy-backs. Don’t forget about Pinnacle’s field services, factory services, and engineering services to get the most out of your centrifugal blower rebuild.

Centrifugal Aftermarket Brochure