Rotary Vane Compressors

Pinnacle Industries offers Hydrovane series rotary vane compressors. These compressors are versatile, powerful, reliable and cost effective. They can be found in trains, ships, distilling, brewing, packaging sites and in large and small industrial units throughout the world. In fact, the Hydrovane series are the perfect business solution for reliable, high quality compressed air.

The low noise operation of the Hydrovane rotary vane compressor means that they can be installed right alongside your equipment. Most models are available either as open units or fitted with enclosure panels which further reduce noise levels. See the Rotary Vane Compressor Brochure.

V Series – 2 to 10 HP
The V series is redefining the future of air compressors in this range. All the V series are direct drive, simple to install, easy to maintain, and provide the robust reliability of any package Hydrovane Compressor. V series units are available as tripod mount or simplex or duplex tank configured systems. See the V Series Brochure.

HV Series – 5 to 60 HP
The HV series is at the heart of the Hydrovane compressor line. No other rotary compressor provides the flexibility and reliability of the HV series. See the HV Series Brochure.