PDQ Hydrostatic Test Pumps

Pinnacle Industries manufacturers and sales three different types of hydro-static test pumps known as PDQ pumps. PDQ pump packages offered include the “C” or stand up cabinet, the “M” or mini cabinet, and the “H” or hand test pump. The “C” and “M” both utilize air powered hydraulic pumps. The “H” utilize a simple hand crank operated pump capable of 3000 PSI. The air operated pumps come in three different pressure ratios of 10:1 (-1000 PSI Model), 36:1 (-3600 PSI Model), and 95:1 (-10000 PSI Model). The pressure ratio indicates a multiplication of the air pressure to the outlet liquid pressure. All air operated models will utilize a maximum of 56 CFM per pump. Typical use applications include static and burst testing, flow testing requiring relatively low flows at high pressures, operation of hydraulic presses, clamping, pressing, metal forming, piercing, blanking, staking, etc. As well as applications requiring extreme intermittent pressure and velocity commonly associated with water blasting and jetting. All of our PDQ pump packages that are in stock are available for purchase in our shop section. Contact us for custom installations in such as inside toolboxes or wagons as well we offer several with duplex pump heads for faster pumping.